French Car Giant To Close Another Factory

French car giant Renault plans to close a car manufacturing plant in Europe. As Bloomberg writes, this will be done despite resistance from the French authorities.

We are talking about a factory in the town of Flins-sur-Seine, 40 kilometers away from Paris. In almost 70 years, 20 different models of the brand’s cars have been assembled here.

The factory now produces a Zoe electric car and Japanese Nissan’s Micra.

By 2024, this company intends to re-organize the site into a processing and cars and batteries modernization area.

With regard to the production of new cars, according to the company’s management, the electric cars and cars produced in Flen-sur-Seine will gradually be transferred to the factory in Dué (O-de-France region, France).

The company’s plans are opposed by local unions: they believe that Renault can combine both the production of cars in Flins-sur-Seine and other activities at the plant.

The unions also note that 75% of the electric cars which Renault intends to sell will be produced in countries other than France in five years’ time.

« Renault cannot destroy production facilities in France and at the same time enjoy state support, » says the French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT).


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