France Will Help Greece In Case Of Threats To Its Sovereignty

In the event that Turkey poses a threat to the sovereignty of Greece or Cyprus, France will back the Greek and Cypriot sides, according to French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, said that Turkey « may come in » as a result of « Greek provocations, » which Ms. Colonna criticized.

« France has made it clear that it will support Greece and Cyprus if their national sovereignty is in jeopardy, and I will reiterate this. However, if something like this occurs, we signed a contract, and Article 21 specifies the circumstances in which the two parties will assist one another if they are sure that this has occurred, » she said.

The acts of Greece, whose aircraft, according to the Turkish Defense Ministry, have violated Turkish airspace 256 times since the year’s beginning, have caused the Turkish side to run out of patience, the Turkish President remarked earlier.


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