France To Shut Down 14 Nuclear Reactors By 2035

France may close the next two nuclear reactors in 2025–2026, earlier than expected, if market conditions are favorable. In general, it is planned to close 14 reactors in the country by 2035, reports Reuters.

The two French reactors at the Fessenheim NPP are expected to be shut down in the first half of 2020. Previously, it was expected in 2027-2028

It is noted that a decision on early closure will be taken in 2023.

Last year, the International Energy Agency noted that falling NP capacities would put climate goals and secure energy supplies under risk unless first-world states find a way to prolong ttheir reactors’ life.

“The nuclear energy’s future remains uncertain, as developed economies are starting to close down old NPPs due to a general policy, regulatory and economic factors,” the IEA said.


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