France To Invest Billions In Space Industry

According to Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, France intends to invest €9B in the space sector during the following three years.

She stated in a speech at the International Astronautical Congress that France would invest more than €9B in the space sector over the course of the following three years to undertake research and grow the volume of scientific research.

Borne claims that the growth of the space sector is crucial for halting climate change since satellites can monitor many changes. Additionally, as satellite activities are necessary for cellphones, geolocation technologies, and the Internet, this sector is strongly related to the digital world.

The French Prime Minister added that space is currently being militarized and turning into a « field of confrontation. » She argues that in order to « preserve strategic autonomy in situation assessment, decision-making, and operations » and to « defend the national interests » of the area, Europe must make use of the advancements made in the space industry.


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