France To Introduce Water-Saving Measures Due To Record Drought

Water restrictions may be implemented in some French areas as early as next Monday, according to French Environment Minister Christophe Béchu, who spoke to Franceinfo. The use of drinking water to wash vehicles, fill swimming pools, wash houses’ exterior walls, and for irrigation will be prohibited among others.

According to the French meteorological agency Meteo France, rainfall since January 21 has averaged less than 1 mm per day, resulting in a winter drought that is almost record-breaking.

By Wednesday, there had been no significant rain for 32 days, which is the longest such stretch since statistics have been kept since 1959, according to meteorologists. 22 days stood as the prior record in 1989.

All of this could have an impact on agricultural yields this year since groundwater is typically replenished by winter rains.

Other European nations are also experiencing drought. For instance, reservoir levels in Spain are expected to be 50.7% lower than the 60.8% decade-average. Due to the low rainfall in Venice, many of the canals have almost completely dried up, making it difficult to use gondolas, vaporettos, or other types of water transportation.


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