France Tightens Anti-Covid Measures

French authorities are tightening measures against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in light of the spread of the omicron variant. As of 3 January, the number of people attending public events indoors should not exceed 2,000 and events in open spaces should not exceed 5,000 people, Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Monday, 27 December. The precept will be in force for a provisional period of three weeks.

In addition, employers have been ordered to ensure that employees can work from home at least three days a week. As part of the fight against infection, authorities will ban sale and consumption of food and drinks on long-distance public transport and in cinemas. Wearing protective masks will become mandatory in city centres, Castex said. He added that there would be no curfew.

From 15 January, vaccination passports will come into force in France, if the parliament approves the relevant bill. This means that in order to visit restaurants, cinemas and a number of other public and cultural venues, you will be required to present a vaccination document rather than a negative test. The measure has already sparked massive protests in the country.

The prime minister has urged fellow citizens to get a booster injection against the coronavirus. The interval between the booster vaccination and the last dose of the covid drug has been shortened to three months. France started a vaccination campaign a year ago, the head of government said. At the moment « we are one of the most vaccinated people in the world », Jean Castex pointed out.


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