France Thwarts 23 Attempts To Interfere With The Olympic Torch Relay

Gerald Darmanin, the interior minister of France, reported that 23 efforts to obstruct the Olympic torch relay were thwarted in Marseille throughout the week. The 2024 Summer Olympics will take place in Paris from July 26 to August 11.

« 23 attempts to disrupt the Olympic torch relay celebrations have been prevented this week thanks to the training and great vigilance of Interior Ministry officers, » Darmanin posted on social network X.

Since the torch landed in Marseille on May 8, police have reportedly stopped 23 attempts to sabotage the relay, seven of which had to do with the current uptick in pro-Palestinian protests, reports Cnews.

Security agencies also stopped advocates for migrant rights and environmental activists, and four provocations arose from opponents of the Olympic Games.

On May 8, the Olympic torch arrived in Marseille atop the sailing ship Belem. On July 26, it will arrive in Paris after traveling 12,000 kilometers and passing through 400 cities. Roughly ten thousand torchbearers will assist in bringing the Olympic flame to Paris.


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