France: Schengen Borders May Remain Closed until September

The borders of the Schengen countries may remain closed for tourists until at least September, said French President Emmanuel Macron at a closed video conference with heads of trade unions of the country. According to the politician, the Schengen agreement parties are considering this option.

Macron said that such measures are related to the fact that the pace of distribution of coronavirus in different countries varies. He stressed that the pandemic « does not affect all countries at the same time. » For example, in the USA, the “coronavirus crisis” has been unfolding for already several weeks, and the peak incidence rate has not yet arrived, Macron said. In Africa, he added, the situation is developing completely differently, and a second peak of incidence is possible in Asia.

Macron’s words were made two days after the Champs Elysees announced extension of the quarantine in France since March 17. A statement by the French president was also preceded by an appeal by the European Commission to the EU countries to extend the closure of borders until May 15.

Starting March 17, 30 EU countries and the Schengen area closed their borders to contain the pandemic. The ban blocked entry for all tourists and most foreigners. The restrictions were introduced for 30 days; their validity expires on April 16. If they decide to extend it, Europe will experience an unprecedented blockade from the outside world for at least two months, writes Forbes USA.


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