France Outraged By US Intention To Impose Sanctions

The draft sanctions against France, announced by the United States, are unacceptable, if they are introduced. The EU is ready to give a “strong answer,” said French Minister of Economics and Finance Bruno Le Maire.

A US trade representative report noted that France has discriminated against digital American companies. In response, the United States may introduce duties of up to 100% on French goods worth up to $ 2.4 billion. “This draft sanctions are simply unacceptable,” said Le Maire on Radio Classique.

“We will look at the final decisions. But the draft sanctions against France, which can be introduced within 30 days, are unacceptable. This is unworthy of an ally. And this is not the behavior that we expect from the United States in relation to its main allies – France and Europe in general. If the US imposes sanctions, the EU Union is ready to respond, » said Le Maire.

The French parliament passed a service tax law in July for major digital companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. This law has caused strong criticism from the United States. US President Donald Trump said he could impose duties on French wine as a response.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Paris and Washington have agreed that, if a digital tax is introduced at the international level, France will abolish its tax for major digital companies (GAFA).


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