France Leaves Energy Charter Treaty

The French Foreign Ministry revealed to the daily Monde on Monday that the French Republic has formally notified the Energy Charter Treaty of its departure.

France, according to Monde, has acknowledged the choice and announced its departure from the agreement. The choice will become official on January 1, 2024.

The treaty also mandates that commitments must be met for a period of 20 years even if a country withdraws from it. As a result, France won’t be able to avoid its Energy Charter Treaty responsibilities until 2044.

At the end of October, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that Paris had decided to withdraw from the treaty.

The Energy Charter Treaty, signed in Lisbon in 1994, is the only agreement of its kind dealing with intergovernmental cooperation in the energy sector, covering the entire energy value chain. It was signed to provide guarantees to investors in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.


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