France Joins US Artemis Program

According to the US State Department website, France has signed the Artemis Agreement on space and lunar exploration, which were started by the United States. The agreements were drafted in the year 2020. France became the group’s 20th member.

Philippe Batiste, director general of the French National Center for Space Research, signed the agreement. The signing took place in Washington; D.C. French Ambassador Philippe Etienne and NASA Administrator Bill Nelson were also present. France has so confirmed its « commitment to peaceful, responsible, and sustainable exploration and use of outer space, » according to the State Department.

After her visit to France in November 2021, US Vice President Kamala Harris stated that France wanted to sign the Artemis Agreement. The document have also been signed by Bahrain, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Colombia, Italy, Luxembourg, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Romania, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.


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