France Introduces €300 Culture Pass For Adults

France has introduced a « cultural subscription » for all adult citizens, which can be spent over two years. This was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron.

« We have created a ‘cultural pass’ of 300 euros for 18-year-old citizens, which can be used at their discretion, » Macron revealed.

From Friday 21 May, the Pass Culture (cultural pass) can be spent on tickets to theatres, cinemas, concerts, shows and museums, as well as on cultural items. These include books, CDs and musical instruments, in addition to any cultural works in digital form.

On Wednesday 19 May, Macron also announced the introduction of a « sports subscription » of 50 euros. It is aimed at families with low incomes.

The introduction of « sports » and « cultural » subscriptions were part of Macron’s campaign promises for the 2018 elections, with the system being tested in 14 departments across the country for two.


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