France Grants Authorisation For Hydrogen Exploration For The First Time In Its History

A decree to this effect was issued in the official journal of the government on Sunday, marking the first time that France has authorized the investigation of natural hydrogen resources.

The authorization covers the department of the Atlantic Pyrenees in southwest France.

The decision approved by the Ministry of Energy Transformation states that « the exclusive authorization for the exploration of deposits of natural hydrogen, helium, and related substances concerns an area of 225 square kilometers in the Atlantic Pyrenees. »

The permission was authorized for a five-year term. The BFMTV TV channel notes that six of these petitions have been filed. The remaining ones are being thought upon.

Hydrogen is becoming more popular in France as a result of the government’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. It is thought to be able to replace fossil fuels, particularly in industrial and transportation.


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