France Expects Second Wave of COVID-19 in October

The second wave of the new coronavirus Covid-19 may arrive in France this fall, according to Jean-François Delfraissy, head of the Scientific Council under the government of the Fifth Republic. It is expected from October to December this year.

According to Delfraissy, three scenarios are to be expected. The first, relatively easy, suggests that « the virus will come from the southern hemisphere to the northern one and disappear in the fall or winter. »

The second scenario, pessimistic – the second wave in severity will be similar to the first. According to the third scenario, Covid-19 will become a chronic disease (but not with such dire consequences as in the first wave) and will spread regularly, then decline.

Recall that during the first wave in France, the novel coronavirus was found in more than 176 thousand people. More than 30 thousand people became its victims in the country.


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