France Crosses Threshold Of 1,000 Deaths From COVID-19

The total number of deaths among people infected with the coronavirus in France reached 1100, over the past day another 240 infected with COVID-19 died.

The country has 22,300 infected people.

Currently, 10176 patients are hospitalized. 2,516 of them are in serious condition and are in intensive care units, said Jerome Salomon, Director General of the French Ministry of Health, at a daily briefing on Tuesday evening.

According to him, 3281 people recovered and left hospitals.

Salomon said the COVID-19 epidemic is « still rapidly worsening. »

French media have reported that the Coronavirus Scientific Council on Tuesday made new recommendations on general quarantine. From its conclusions it follows that the isolation of citizens in France should last as a whole “at least 6 weeks” from the time of its introduction.


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