France Calls On Dassault Systemes, OVH To Fight US Cloud Act

France called on OVH and Dassault Systemes companies to develop a plan to overcome dominance of US cloud-based computing. This was announced by the French Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire.

Paris intends to create resources for storing confidential data in the country due to fears that the US government will have access to data stored by American IT companies.

Dassault is a software developer. In turn, OVH is engaged in cloud computing. Both companies are based in France.

Paris is worried that the Cloud Act, adopted in the US in 2018, allows any US agency to obtain data of European organisations stored in data centers of American companies without informing them.

“This is completely unacceptable,” said Le Maire, adding that it was urgent to find a solution between the US and the EU.

In addition, the minister said that by 2020, France will invest €1.5 billion in the AI technology, of which €600 million will be directed to research. €800 million will be used to bring forward relevant projects. The funds will be allocated from a facility funded by the sale of state assets.


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