France Attempts To Control EU Expansion

Amid disagreements over the further expansion of the European Union, the French government will present a draft political mechanism for admitting new countries to the integration group.

On Tuesday, November 19, at a meeting of the French Government, a draft document will be discussed. The paper will rethink the procedure for admission to the EU, Les Echos reported. Thus, Paris seeks to regain control of the process of enlargement of the European Union and to rely on the internal reform of the European Union and the strengthening of its institutions.

The project proposed by the French government consists of 35 chapters, which describe the new rules for admission of a country to the EU. France proposes a transition to a seven-step process. At each stage, the candidate country will be granted certain rights in the organization (participation in the activities of EU bodies, participation in the formation of the EU budget). However, at any stage, the accession process may be stopped due to non-compliance by the candidate country. In extreme cases, a country may be finally banned from joining the European Union.

At the last meeting of the European Council on October 18, French President Emmanuel Macron opposed the start of EU accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania. Earlier on October 15, the EU Council was also unable to decide on the start of negotiations. According to European sources, the start of negotiations was then blocked by France and the Netherlands.


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