Five European Countries Discover COVID-19 in Minks

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that coronavirus infestations in minks have been reported in the USA, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Specialists from the organisation noted that the infection occurs on mink farms and that the virus is supposedly transmitted from humans to animals.

However, minks, according to WHO experts, can serve as a « reservoir » for the virus, spreading it within their population and, when in close contact, infecting people by transmitting a mutated version of the infection.

Previously, the Danish authorities decided to eliminate all minks in the country. A statement to this effect has been published on the official Danish resource on the fight against COVID-19. As noted by Danish Prime Minister, the decision was prompted by the fact that a new mutation of the infection in animals could affect the future coronavirus vaccine.

Scientists at the Danish Statens Serum Institut have found that the mutant virus is less susceptible to antibodies than its predecessor. In total, about 17 million animals will be destroyed in the country.

Denmark is the world’s largest manufacturer of mink fur, according to the Financial Times. After the slaughter of animals, this industry in the country will cease to function for at least the next few years. And under the influence of animal rights activists, the mink industry in Denmark could disappear altogether, the publication says.


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