First 5G Network Appears in Sweden

The first 5G public network was launched in the capital of Sweden, SVT Nyheter reported on Sunday.

The latest generation mobile coverage area has appeared in Stockholm and is owned by the Tele2 operator. At the end of June, the network should be operational in Gothenburg and Malmö.

On Monday, Telia and Ericsson will announce their 5G network. They claim that on April 24 they launched 10 points of contact in Stockholm.

Most mobile users cannot take advantage of the 5G network, because there are almost no smartphones on the open market that support this standard.

Now in Europe, 3G and 4G networks, introduced ten years ago and earlier, are common. A 5G network allows working on mobile devices with unprecedented speed and provide services that are available only in fixed networks. It opens up prospects for the work of a large number of mobile devices, smart homes, cars and other innovations.


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