Extreme Heat Kills 1,500 in France in Summer 2019

Inhabitants of France experienced two heat waves in the summer, in one of which a temperature record was observed. Now authorities have estimated that 1,500 people died due to extremely hot weather.

In France, about 1,500 people died in June and July 2019 as a result of extreme heat. The age of half of them exceeded 75 years, among the dead were also children, said Health Minister Agnès Buzyn on Sunday, September 8. However, the total number of deaths due to the heat was almost 10 times lower than in the summer of 2003, when high temperatures took away about 15 thousand people.

Two excessively hot periods were recorded in France this summer. On June 28, a temperature record was broken (46 degrees Celsius). This temperature was recorded in the south of the country, in the city of Vérargues (30 km from Montpellier). In addition, the 45-degree mark was overcome in other towns in the south of France.

After the hot summer of 2003, the French government took numerous security measures. In particular, in the Paris metro, ads in several languages reminded people that they should drink enough water and pay special attention to the elderly and children.

source: bbc.com

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