Extraordinary Parliamentary Elections To Be Held in Spain

Secretary General of the Spanish Socialists Pedro Sanchez held the opposition responsible for the impossibility of forming a majority in parliament, and called the date of the new election on November 10.

Extraordinary parliamentary elections in Spain will be held on November 10, said acting Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. He blamed the opposition parties for the impossibility of forming a majority in parliament.

A few hours earlier, many months of negotiations on the formation of a government in the country ended in failure. After meetings with party leaders, King Philip VI of Spain decided not to nominate candidates for the post of Cabinet Chairman. None of the candidates has the necessary support of parliamentarians, the office of the monarch said in a statement.

The upcoming elections will be the fourth in the last 4 years. In the parliamentary elections in late April, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) gained the most votes, but it did not receive most of the seats in parliament.

At the same time, Leftist populists from the Podemos party (translates as “We Can”) could act as potential socialist allies. However, insurmountable disagreements between General Secretary Sanchez and Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias made it impossible to come to an agreement.

source: dw.de

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