Experts Expect Decline In Wine Production in Europe in 2019

According to the Central Cooperative Vineyard Association (KEOSOE), in 2019, European vineyards are expected to produce 161.3 million hectoliters of wine and should.

Production in 2019 will be 15% lower than after a generous harvest in 2018, while wine production is approaching the five-year average. This is 4% lower than the average indicator of 2014-2018 due to the influence of the historically low yield of 2017 caused by more or less local climatic events such as frost, hail, drought.

It is noted that the overall decline in European production does not change the balance between the main producing countries.

Italy, as the largest wine producer in the world, expects to receive 46.14 million hectoliters (-17% compared to 2018), which will make up 29% of all European production.

France, which accounts for 43.36 million hectoliters (-13%), gives 27% of the EU crop compared to 25% in Spain (40 million hectoliters, -19%).

The first three countries leading in winemaking produce wine, the amount of which is more than 80% in Europe as a whole, without changing this indicator this year.

As for other countries, Germany, for example, represents 6% of the European crop (9 million hectoliters, -12%), and Portugal – 4% (6.7 million hectoliters, + 10%).


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