Experts Compile List of Technologies to Fight Climate Change in Europe

Researchers from the French consulting company Capgemini Invent have selected 55 of the most promising environmental technologies to be invested in the European Union to achieve climate neutrality. The list of the selection criteria included readiness of the technology for sale until 2030 or 2050, as well as its potential profit, reports Reuters.

The list includes both strategic development programs (such as a multimodal model of transport infrastructure, a program to support electric transport and a large-scale project to modernize agriculture), as well as separate technologies and innovations.

Among them were giant floating air turbines, factories for the production of « green » liquefied hydrogen and solar batteries, ships working on green fuel such as ammonia, plantations, residential buildings and insects for the production of high-protein feeds for livestock.

Researchers believe that all these innovations can create a wholesale market with a volume of up to € 790 billion and allow reducing emissions of carbon dioxide to 871 million tons. € 144 billion in private and public investment is needed for the introduction of technology, but in the long run they will be repaid in nine times, according to Capgemini Invent experts.

In 2018, the European Commission adopted a long-term plan for environmental development. By 2050, the EU should reach zero carbon emissions. At present, the EU emits 3.4 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.


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