Eurozone Unemployment Expected To Fall In November

Unemployment in the Eurozone fell to 7.2% in November from 7.3% in October, according to a report by European statistics agency Eurostat.

The figure was in line with forecasts by analysts surveyed by Daily FX. Meanwhile, within the EU, it dipped to 6.5% in November.

In November last year, unemployment in the Eurozone was 8.1% and in the EU it was 7.4%. In absolute terms, the number of unemployed in the EU was 13.984 million in November this year, of which 11.829 million in the euro area.

The lowest unemployment rate among EU countries in November was recorded in the Czech Republic (2.2%), the Netherlands (2.7%) and Germany (3.2%). The highest level was observed in Spain (14.1%) and Greece (13.4%).


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