Eurostar Keeps UK-Europe Trains, Accepts Tickets For Exchange

Eurostar, which provides high-speed rail services between the UK and the countries of continental Europe, has not yet canceled or reduced train traffic due to the coronavirus, but accepts passenger tickets for exchange for later travel, the carrier said in a statement.

« We continue to carry out the movement of our trains in all directions. However, we understand that many customers are changing their travel plans, and in order to provide flexibility and peace of mind, we are introducing measures to help customers, » the message reads.

For those customers who plan trips from March 13 to April 7, Eurostar is ready to provide an electronic voucher equivalent to the full price of a train ticket or a train + hotel package.

In the future, passengers will be able to use the electronic voucher for online booking a new trip until December 12, 2020.

Eurostar, as the operator of the Eurotunnel, operates high-speed rail passengers between London and Paris and Lille in France, Brussels in Belgium and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Eurostar trains cross the English Channel through the Eurotunnel.


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