European Parliament Declares Climate And Environmental Emergency

The European MPs adopted a resolution declaring “a climate and environmental emergency” at a plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday.

The authors of this symbolic document, for which 429 parliamentarians voted against 225, called on the European Commission (EC) to ensure that all of its budgetary and legislative proposals in this area are aimed at limiting climate warming below 1.5 °C over pre-industrial levels.

The resolution also calls on the EU to pledge commitment at the UN Climate Conference in Madrid, which will be held December 2-13, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The President of the new European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has been invited to include this goal in the European Green Pact.

Globally, the document says, emissions from air and sea transport should be reduced. All countries, MPs say, should consider these types of emissions in their national environmental projects. The European Parliament asks the EC to include the maritime sector in the European system for the exchange of gas emission quotas.

The European Parliament believes that EU countries should at least double their contributions to the international Green Climate Fund. It is noted that the real promise of financing from developed countries is still below the collective goal of raising $ 100 billion a year, starting in 2020.

MEPs are also asking all EU countries to phase out all direct and indirect subsidies for fossil fuels by 2020.


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