European Parliament Approves Measures To Introduce Renewable And Low-Carbon Gases

Changes to bring low-carbon and renewable gases to the EU gas market have been approved by the European Parliament. Its message reads that a new directive and rule has been enacted with the objective of decarbonizing the European energy industry and increasing the production and deployment of renewable gases and hydrogen.

« The new rule will make green power and green gases the two main sources of supply in the current energy market, » Polish MEP Jerzy Buzek, the EP rapporteur on the law, stated. « This is a huge step towards achieving the EU’s ambitious climate goals and towards a more competitive union on global markets. » In order to gradually wean ourselves off of a risky monopoly, we have given EU nations the legal means to cease importing gas from Russia in the event of a security concern. »

« These measures are designed to secure energy supplies disrupted by geopolitical tensions (…) and to tackle climate change, » the EP communiqué states.


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