European Human Rights Defenders Complain About TikTok

Several consumer rights associations have filed a complaint with the European Commission against the short video service TikTok, Le Figaro reports. They accuse the service of illegally exploiting users’ rights and data, as well as of encouraging children and teenagers to spend money.

The complaint has been lodged with the European Commission by the European Bureau of Consumer Unions (BEUC), which brings together numerous national organisations, including the French Que Choisir.

Its website notes that TikTok « clearly » violates many consumer rights. For example, by reserving the right to use, edit and play back user-generated videos without notifying the creators or asking their permission in any way.

In addition, the statement says, the service does not protect the youngest users from spending money. Moreover, the service strongly encourages the purchase of virtual coins and gifts. The service has also been accused of doing nothing to protect underage users from hidden advertising and « sexually explicit videos ».

Given that the majority of TikTok users are minors, human rights activists consider this approach of the service unacceptable and ask the European Commission to oblige the service to make adjustments to its operation.


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