European Council Members Urge To Prevent Escalation Of Violence In The Middle East

In a unified statement on the Middle East crisis released on Sunday, European Council members urged against further escalation of tensions in the area.

« Preventing regional escalation is essential. We are steadfast in our commitment to a two-state solution-based, long-lasting peace through stepped-up efforts in the Middle East peace process. We emphasize the importance of wide interaction with the legitimate Palestinian leadership as well as with regional and international partners who could help to avert further escalation, » the document issued in Brussels reads.

The European Union « deeply regrets the loss of life and condemns in the strongest terms Hamas and its brutal and indiscriminate terror attacks on Israel, » the statement reads. « Terrorism has no justification. In the face of such vicious and indiscriminate attacks, we strongly highlight Israel’s right to defend itself in line with humanitarian and international law, » the leaders of Europe stated.

They emphasized how crucial it is to always safeguard civilians in compliance with international humanitarian law.


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