European Commission: Young People In EU Lose Their Jobs More Often

According to the Employment and Social Development Report 2022 from the European Commission, which was published on Tuesday, young people under the age of 30 are more likely than other age groups to lose their jobs and experience employment issues in the EU during the economic crisis.

According to the research, « young people were among those most hit by job losses during the economic crisis precipitated by COVID-19, and recovery from the crisis was delayed for young people compared to other age groups. »

The EC notes that the study should support development of employment-related policies to enhance the position of young people in the labor market in light of the deteriorating economic climate and the Ukrainian conflict. Support for young Ukrainians who have registered as refugees in EU nations should also be included in the measures.

According to the European Commission, the high percentage of jobs with short-term contracts (approximately 46 percent) and the challenges associated with landing a first job after graduating are two factors contributing to young people’s vulnerability.

Youth with higher education still have a better probability of landing a job than youth with secondary education, notwithstanding this.

The EC also observed the disparity in pay between young men and women: girls starting out in the workforce currently make 7.2% less than their male colleagues.


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