European Commission Sues Greece Over Railroads

According to news portal, the European Commission decided on February 15, 2023, to file a lawsuit against Greece for failing to comply with the requirements of the Directive on the establishment of a shared European railroad space (2012/34/EU).

According to the directive, member states are required to make sure that a contract is signed by the national competent authority and the railway infrastructure manager no later than June 16, 2015, and that it is released within a month of that date.

A similar agreement is crucial for the openness of initiatives in the network of railway infrastructure. Both substantive provisions, such as the amount of money allocated for infrastructure upkeep, and performance indicators, such as line speed, customer happiness, or environmental protection, must be included in the agreement.

The national authorities have not yet signed and published a contract with the Greek train infrastructure management organization OSE, according to the report, despite letters being exchanged between the Commission and Greece.


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