European Commission Speaks Out On Blocking Social Media Accounts

The European Commission believes that the rules of operation, content monitoring and account closure by global social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter should be transparent, an EC spokesperson told a briefing in Brussels when asked about the EU response to the blocking of US President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The EC spokesperson recalled that, according to the recommendations, digital service providers « should come up with proposals to ensure that the rules are transparent in how they will be monitored, on what basis decisions to close an account will be made, how it can be appealed ».

Asked whether the European Commission would use social networks other than those owned by US digital giants, an EC spokesperson said the Commission had « already diversified its communications strategy ».

Earlier, Twitter announced that it had permanently shut down access to Trump’s personal account due to his breach of rules, as well as concerns that he might try to provoke unrest. He has also been barred from posting on Facebook and Instagram until his term expires.

President’s supporters stormed the US Congress building last Wednesday to prevent approval of the results of the country’s presidential election held on 3 November last year, which was won by Democrat Joseph Biden. A demonstrator was shot dead by Capitol Police during the unrest in Washington.

In addition, there were unrelated deaths of three other people classified as medical emergencies. Biden’s inauguration is scheduled for January 20.


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