European Commission Names Judicial Reform As A Condition For Grants To Poland

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen stated that judicial reform would allow the European Union (EU) to provide billions of euros in grants and loans to Poland for reconstruction following the pandemic. Previously, the EU had frozen payments since the country’s court system was under the government’s authority.

« Poland’s rehabilitation plan was approved because of Poland’s obvious commitment to judicial independence, » von der Leyen told reporters.

The European Commission’s President emphasized that Poland’s ruling right-wing majority is « responsible for ensuring that crucial milestones (concerning the judiciary) are met. » The essential stages in ensuring the independence of the judiciary are included in the agreement on Poland’s recovery plan, which Poland must pass before it can access €36 billion ($38.5 billion).

« The first payment will be available only when the new law takes effect and all other prerequisites are met, » Ursula von der Leyen explained.


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