Europe Turns To Turkey In Search For New Food Suppliers

The European Union’s greenhouse production of fruits and vegetables has plummeted by about 40% as a result of the record spike in energy prices and the severe shortage of these resources. Chain shops and suppliers started negotiating with the farmers in Antalya to address the food scarcity, according to the Turkish newspaper Milliyet.

Plantings in greenhouses in the area declined by 30–40% as a result of record energy prices and the disruption of gas flow from Russia to European countries in 2022. Numerous chains and suppliers have started to discuss and sign contracts with producers in Turkish Antalya in an effort to make up for the impending supply shortage.

Turkey is the most significant nation in terms of food security in Europe, according to Ümit Mirza Çavuşoğlu, the head of the Western Mediterranean Exporters Association.

European retailers have been hunting for suppliers in Antalya and its vicinity for a number of months. They want to sign business contracts that follow the « cash up front and buy guarantee » paradigm. Additionally, several European players want to shift greenhouse manufacturing to Turkey.


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