Euronext Sells Stake To US CBOE

CBOE Global Markets buys stakes in one of the largest clearing houses in Europe from the Euronext and Nasdaq exchanges, as well as from the Dutch bank ABN Amro and the holding company Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation.

The CBOE Global Markets announced conclusion of a final acquisition agreement for EuroCCP. The completion of the transaction is planned in the first half of 2020.

The press service of the Euronext exchange confirmed the sale of a 20% minority stake in a clearing company to CBOE, noting that the company will receive €9 million for the sale of this stake.

Prior to the deal, CBOE Global Markets already owned a 20% stake in EuroCCP. Thus, for the purchase of 80% from Euronext, Nasdaq, ABN Amro and DTCC, the company that owns the Chicago Options Exchange (CBOE) and the exchange operator BATS Global Markets will pay, ceteris paribus, about €36 million.


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