EU Will Not Impose Sanctions Against Iran Because Of Ukrainian Boeing

The EU has no plans to impose unilateral sanctions on Iran after the crash of the Ukrainian Boeing in Tehran, for which the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) previously claimed responsibility. The crash claimed lives of 176 people.

“At this stage, the EU sees no reason for the introduction of sanctions against Iran in connection with the crash of the Ukrainian Boeing, it is necessary to first obtain the results of the investigation,” the source said.

Recall, the Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine International Airlines crashed after leaving Tehran Airport on January 8. At first, Iran called the cause of the crash technical problems, but later admitted that the plane was shot down by the Iranian military. The IRGC took over the responsibility for the crash.

Protests have been held in the country since January 11. The participants are convinced that the IRGC, with the support of the authorities, is committing crimes. In today’s protests, according to social media users, police opened fire on protesters. Earlier, US President Donald Trump called on Iranian authorities not to kill the protesters.


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