EU To Launch 5G In 2020

The European Union intends to launch the first fifth-generation 5G mobile Internet networks by the end of this year, according to a roadmap to create 5G systems in EU countries published by the European Commission on Monday. The document also notes that the EU will restrict foreign companies from participating in the creation of this system, guided by the principles of national security.

« The first 5G services will be launched in 138 cities of the European Union by the end of this year, » the document says.

As follows from the text of the roadmap, the EU will carefully monitor the access of foreign companies to the creation of the fifth generation Internet, which « will be regulated taking into account the principles of national security. » In fact, it is about creating a legal framework to limit access to work on creating a European 5G system for companies such as, for example, Chinese Huawei.

As stated by presenting this document, European Commission Deputy Head Margrethe Westager, 5G systems « must guarantee complete reliability against any cybernetic threats. » She stated that the European Commission intends to guarantee a reliable system of selection of companies that will be allowed to create this system. At the same time, she assured that this system will be « transparent and will not be directed against specific countries. »

According to Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Domestic Market, « the risks of the 5G system are not comparable with the electronic risks existing today, since these will be fundamentally new systems that did not exist before. » « With the help of 5G, infrastructure, energy, hospital equipment, automated production systems will be managed, therefore, EU countries have identified a specific set of risks for the development of these systems and prepared a list of measures to neutralize these threats, » Breton said, emphasizing that safety standards and access to the creation of this system will be « extremely stringent », but it is based on « objective necessity and criteria. »


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