EU To Impose Sanctions On Migrant Transporters

The EU has changed its sanctions regime to impose restrictive measures against individuals and entities organising illegal transportation of migrants into the EU territory or assisting authorities in Belarus. This was stated in a statement on the EU Council website.

« The sanctions regime has been changed in line with the Council decision, which expands the listing criteria. The EU will now be able to prosecute individuals and entities who organize or facilitate illegal crossings of the EU external borders or promote the activities of the Lukashenko regime, which contribute to the illegal crossing of the EU external borders, » the statement reads.

Airlines carrying refugees to Minsk may fall under the new sanctions. Earlier Bloomberg agency reported that the new package of sanctions may affect airlines Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines. Financial Times sources also named Minsk airport and Syrian airline Cham Wings Airlines.

Brussels had previously announced its intention to extend sanctions against Belarus over the migration crisis on its border with Poland. Reuters sources claimed that the restrictions could be imposed against 30 individuals and entities. Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko threatened to shut down the Yamal-Europe pipeline in response to the extension of sanctions.


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