EU To Help Moldova Buy Gas For Next Heating Season

According to the press office of the Moldovan Ministry of Energy, the European Commission will help Moldova buy natural gas for the upcoming heating season.

Moldova is currently undergoing an energy crisis due to escalating energy prices, which resulted in a nearly seven-fold increase in gas prices and a nearly four-fold increase in electricity prices in 2022. Utility debts among the populace have grown. Anti-government demonstrations are occurring against a backdrop of rising inflation and energy costs. Protesters refer to the highest inflation rate in 20 years, which was 33.97% year over year in September of last year, as evidence that the authorities are unable to handle the situation.

A high-level EU-Moldovan energy meeting attended by Moldovan Energy Minister Victor Parlicov took place in Brussels. The Action Plan for Winter Preparedness by the Moldovan authorities was on the agenda. According to a news statement from the Moldovan Ministry of Energy, the European Commission will assist Chisinau in purchasing natural gas for the upcoming winter through the EU Common Platform.

Additionally, the Moldovan government will establish an Energy Vulnerability Fund with EU assistance, which would enable the nation’s most needy inhabitants to receive financial assistance for heating costs throughout the winter.


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