EU To Allocate €100 Million To Farmers Of Countries Bordering Ukraine

According to Reuters, which cited an official from the European Commission (EC), the European Union (EU) plans to provide farmers in bordering nations compensation worth €100 million and impose universal import restrictions on Ukrainian grain. Back in March, Brussels asked that the EU manage the imbalance in the agricultural market brought on by the influx of inexpensive goods from Ukraine.

« We will take precautions against the current trade restrictions on certain types of cereals. Regarding wheat, corn, sunflower, and rapeseed in particular… We will also explore different items, » the EC spokesperson said. The most recent aid package was worth €56.3 million.

The EU regulations state that the EC may restrict goods imports on all or a portion of the union’s territory while permitting transit, according to Reuters. The agency notes that EC Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis intends to speak with the ministers of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, the nations most adversely impacted by the influx of Ukrainian grain, about plans for deliveries from Ukraine.


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