EU Sets To Standardize Smartphone Chargers

The European Economic Commission has been discussing standardization of smartphone chargers for some time now. Perhaps this idea will finally come to fruition.

The European Commission plans to introduce a bill on a single charger standard in September. If passed, it will choose a single standard that Apple, Samsung and other companies will have to follow. The basis of the bill is smartphone chargers, but the paper also mentions other electronic devices. Apple, as well as other major companies, agreed to such conditions several years ago.

In that time, the market has changed a lot, and now the most common option is USB Type-C. Apple still hasn’t added a USB-C connector to the iPhone, but it’s already available on the company’s other devices. The new standard will affect Apple the most, and the company is not very happy about it.

The European Union is not forcing Apple to switch to the USB-C connector for the iPhone. It is enough just to change the power adapter. Nevertheless, the company will still have to change the connector, because otherwise Apple will have to return the power adapter as part of the package. It would be cheaper to just change the connector.

Apple has already agreed that the whole world is moving toward the USB-C standard.

The bill will be introduced in September, but what will happen after that is unknown.


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