EU Sets To Investigate Google’s Data Collection Practices

EU antitrust authorities are investigating Google’s data collection methods, Reuters reports citing the European Commission.

« The commission sent out questionnaires as part of a preliminary investigation of Google practices related to the collection and use of data, » the agency reports.

It follows from the documents received by the agency that the EU investigation will affect data related to local search engines, browsers, targeted advertising, and so on.

The agency previously reported that questionnaires with questions about Google’s data collection methods were sent to various companies. The EU is interested in what data Google is asking for, how the company determines its value and how it uses it. Companies must provide their answers within a month.

Over the past two years, the European Commission has fined Google more than € 8 billion for violating antitrust rules.

Earlier it was reported that US authorities are preparing to launch a major investigation against Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google regarding possible violations of antitrust laws.


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