EU Sets to Discuss Increasing Competitiveness At The April Summit

In a letter inviting European leaders to the special summit of the European Union, President Charles Michel described the competitiveness of the EU as the primary concern. The dates of the summit are April 17–18.

« Improving our competitiveness will be the main topic of our next meeting. It is well past time for a fresh perspective and new competitiveness agreement. We must act swiftly and decisively in order to secure our wealth and position as leaders in the world, » Michel stated.

He added that the EU must « collectively close the gap in economic growth and innovation compared to our global peers and protect our economic, industrial and technological base. »

He also recommended « setting operational targets for key sectors ».

The President of the European Council referred to the single market, whose potential ought to be fully realized, as the most significant of these. Additionally, Michel stated that « in this context, a combination of private and public funding is essential, as well as a reassessment of our approach to state aid. » Investments in important sectors are crucial for boosting competitiveness.

The head of the European Council noted that the summit’s agenda includes foreign policy issues as well.


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