EU Representative in Hong Kong Points to « Red Flags »

There have been some changes in Hong Kong’s life since the introduction of the National Security Act in Beijing. There are « red flags, » EU spokesman for this special administrative region of China, Thomas Gnocchi, said in an interview with the South China Morning Post.

« We see different sectors in society changing their behavior. And we’re concerned about that, » Gnocchi said.

Thus, the schools began to change the curriculum, and journalists now use a different style of reporting, he explained.

The diplomat emphasized that certain fundamental freedoms must be respected in Hong Kong, for example, the judiciary must remain independent. The EU will monitor the behavior of the judicial system after the introduction of the National Security Act.

The situation will be closely monitored by business representatives, as the rule of law is essential for business confidence. There are 1.6 thousand European companies operating in Hong Kong.


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