EU Recognizes Taliban’s Victory In Afghanistan

The European Union recognizes that the Taliban won the war in Afghanistan, but does not intend to recognize its power. This was announced by High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell after an urgent video conference of EU Foreign Ministers on Afghanistan. At the same time, the EU is ready to begin a dialogue with the Taliban to prevent migratory and humanitarian crises, he added.

« The Taliban won the war, so we have to talk to the new authorities in Kabul, whoever they are, to prevent migration and humanitarian crises. This is about dialogue, not recognition of Taliban power, » Borrell said.

He said the EU would continue to provide humanitarian aid. « The people of Afghanistan urgently need humanitarian aid, and it is being provided no matter what. It’s not about economic assistance, its allocation will depend on the actions of the new Afghan authorities, » Josep Borrell said.

Borrell said the EU’s top priority right now « is the evacuation of our staff and the Afghan citizens who have been working with us ».

On August 15, members of the Taliban entered the Afghan capital, but did not storm the city and offered a peaceful transition of power. On the same day, they announced that they had taken control of the whole country, and the president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, resigned and left the country.


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