EU Promises « United And Resolute Response » In Case Of Sabotage On Nord Streams Pipelines

If it is discovered that incidents at the Nord Streams were caused by deliberate damage, the European Union (EU) will take action, said Peter Stano, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

« The damage to Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 that resulted in gas leaks in the Baltic Sea’s international seas gravely concerns the European Union. We place the utmost importance on environmental protection and safety. These events don’t happen by accident; they have an impact on everyone. All information to date indicates that these breaches are the result of intentional behavior, » Stano stated.

Additionally, he stated that the EU intended to support any inquiry that contribute to determining the accident’s cause. The spokesperson declared that « any purposeful sabotage of the European energy infrastructure is unacceptable and will be faced with a forceful and united response. »

Danish authorities reported « massive leakage » in the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines on September 27. The gas pipeline breach was later reported by the Swedish authorities. The operator of Nord Stream AG claims that the damages on three strings of Nord Stream are unprecedented. Sabotaging could have been one of the causes of the tragedy, according to the German publication Tagesspiegel. Analysts believe the repairs might take several years.


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