EU Lacks Unanimity On Recognizing Palestinian State

EU member states alone have the authority to recognize a Palestinian state, and there is no consensus among them on this matter, according to Peter Stano, a spokesman for EU ambassador Josep Borrell.

Regarding the recognition of the Palestinian state, this is solely a question of national policy. The EU is not involved in this, said Stano at a press conference in Brussels: « Every member state makes its own decisions based on its ability, competence, and capacity to recognize an organization, a country. »

He claims that « there is no necessary coordination at the EU level » on these kinds of issues. The EU stance can only be decided by the member states acting in unison.

Stano added that there is no consensus among EU members regarding the recognition of Palestine, a matter that is entirely within each nation’s national jurisdiction. The attitudes of the states are « extremely different » on this matter.


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