EU Is Urgently Preparing Laws on After-Brexit Operation of Channel Tunnel

EU lawmakers are urgently preparing laws to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Channel Tunnel after the UK leaves the EU.

“Today, the EU Council’s Committee of Permanent Representatives (Coreper) agreed on a negotiating mandate on two proposals. They are aimed at preserving a single security body and further applying a single set of rules throughout the infrastructure, including the segment under British jurisdiction,” the communiqué circulated on Wednesday said.

Currently, all activities of the Cross-Channel Fixed Link transport system are controlled by an intergovernmental commission established under the 1986 Canterbury Treaty between France and the UK. This order will expire with the end of the transition period for Brexit on December 31, 2020.

As mandated by the EU Council, France will be empowered to negotiate amendments to the Canterbury Treaty with the UK, and the EU’s rail safety and interoperability regulations will be amended so that the intergovernmental commission remains the competent authority to apply EU tunnel safety legislation.

Negotiations between the two legislative bodies of the EU – the Council of the EU and the European Parliament – on these two proposals are taking place urgently.


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