EU Foreign Ministers Extend Sanctions Against Russia Following Navalny Case

Personal sanctions against some Russians will be extended, Reuters and AFP reported. This was agreed by EU foreign ministers at a summit in Brussels.

The names of the Russians who may be subject to the restrictive measures have not yet been discussed.

The issue of expanding the sanctions was initiated by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell after his visit to Moscow.

The grounds for the introduction of restrictive measures were the actions of the Russian authorities against the opposition activist Alexei Navalny and participants in actions in his support. Brussels has repeatedly called on Moscow to release the politician and stop detaining protesters.

In October 2020, the EU had already imposed personal sanctions on a number of Russians. At the time, six high-ranking officials who, according to Brussels, should be responsible for the alleged poisoning of Navalny, were put on the list.

One research institute was also sanctioned. Brussels claimed that the institute was involved in the development and production of chemical weapons, including the Novichok substance.


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