EU Extends Sanctions against Venezuela for One More Year

The EU Council extended sanctions against Venezuela for one year, until 14 November 2021, the statement reads.

It is noted that, in the sense of the ongoing « economic, political, humanitarian and social crisis » in Venezuela, the decision was made in view of « constant efforts to dismantle stability and the rule of law » and « lack of regard for human rights. »

The punishments include an embargo on weapons, as well as restrictions on travel and the freezing of properties of 36 people on the list of officials responsible for breaching human rights and weakening the rule of law and democracy.

It is expected that the decision will be published in the official EU journal on November 13, 2020.

Earlier in summer, the Council of the EU widened the list of the country’s officials who are subject to sanctions « because of their decisions and actions that violate the rule of law and democracy in the country » and added 11 people to it.

Now the list includes 36 people. Sanctions of the EU against Venezuela have been introduced back in 2017. These include an embargo on arms, as well as bans on travel and freezes of assets on a number of officials from Venezuela.


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